Use Cases

  • Integration with E-commerce Platforms: Busha Commerce can be integrated with a variety of e-commerce platforms, making it easy for businesses to add cryptocurrency payments to their online stores. This use case would appeal to businesses that want to add new payment options to their existing e-commerce platforms. Busha Commerce Plugin is currently available on Woocommerce

  • Easy Integration with Popular Development Frameworks: Busha Commerce offers SDKs for popular development frameworks such as Laravel, Golang, and NodeJS, making it easy for developers to integrate Busha Commerce as a payment process or option into their applications. This use case would appeal to businesses that use these frameworks and want to leverage the capabilities of your product in their applications. Busha Commerce offers all of these services via API's as well if you do not use any of the SDK's available, you can visit Busha Commerce API Reference.

  • Flexible Invoicing and Billing in Cryptocurrency: Busha Commerce allows businesses to easily create and send invoices in cryptocurrency to their customers. This use case would appeal to businesses that want to offer their customers more flexible payment options, including the ability to pay in cryptocurrency for different Digital assets. By offering flexible invoicing and billing in cryptocurrency, Busha Commerce can help businesses take advantage of these benefits and offer their customers more payment options. Invoices can be created from the Busha Commerce dashboard and the payment links are sent to the customer's email address to make payment.

  • Easy Payment Processing with a Payment Widget: Busha Commerce offers a payment widget that can be embedded on a website or mobile app, allowing your customers to easily make cryptocurrency payments by clicking a button. This use case would appeal to businesses that want to offer their customers a simple and convenient way to make cryptocurrency payments.

  • Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations: Busha Commerce allows charities, non-profits, and other organisations to accept donations in cryptocurrency. This use case would appeal to organizations that want to expand their donor base and offer their supporters more flexible donation options. You could easily create a donation payment link from the Busha Commerce Dashboard for your business and share the links with your potential donors to start receiving payments with no fixed amount in cryptocurrency.